Go Beyond


It is time for us to rise above the challenges we face as businesses, individuals, and communities and go beyond the basics.  Sure the challenges we face alone are intimidating, complicated, and even confusing, so let’s partner together so we can make a difference today for a better world tomorrow. 

At ClimeCo, we make sure our global clients have the smart solutions it takes to be a responsible business in a greening economy.  We have advisors that will help break down the complicated and make it understandable and manageable.  We are committed to taking our clients beyond the basic goals they see their competitors seek to reach and help them be the leader who sets the standards that others strive to follow.

We invite you to see what unique and creative solutions ClimeCo has to offer and how a partnership with us can get you on the right quest to reach the goals you never knew were possible to reach.

ClimeCo operates at the forefront of an exciting transformation as businesses, governments and environmental advocates recognize that environmental markets are the most efficient way to address environmental challenges. Supporting the success of clients engaged in these markets, while encouraging new practices and technologies, is our core mission.

 William FlederbachPresident & CEO

ClimeCo Launches First Verified Plastic Credit Project on Verra for Development

ClimeCo is thrilled to announce that we have launched our first verified Plastic Credit Project on Verra for Development under our Plastic Credit Program. The Women and Young empowerment (WaY) project is an initiative from Conceptos Plasticos; a Columbian company focused on the circular economy with environmental, social, and economic impact.

Offset Pricing Monthly Market Digest - April 2022

ARB holds its next quarterly auction on May 18, 2022, with results announced May 26, 2022. Several new bills dealing with Cap-and-Trade issues have been introduced in the CA legislature.

The ABCs of Proxy Voting and Its Role in ESG

The 2021 proxy season featured record support for proposals on environmental and social (E&S) issues and continued strong support for governance proposals, especially at midsized and smaller companies. It also saw growing opposition to director elections. Part of this trend is explained by the increasing support by institutional investors such as BlackRock and State Street for ESG resolutions and against directors presiding over perceived inadequate climate or diversity oversight.

Offset Pricing Monthly Market Digest – March 2022

ARB CCO issuances in March accelerated, with 3 million new CCOs issued, but total year-to-date issuances remain well below historic averages. 2.7 million of the 3 million new issuances came from two Alaska-based Improved Forest Management projects.

Warburg Pincus and The Heritage Group Invest in ClimeCo to Expand Global Decarbonization Platform

ClimeCo announced that it has raised over $50 million in an investment round led by Warburg Pincus, a leading global growth investor, and The Heritage Group, which made ClimeCo’s first outside capital investment in early 2021. The financing will be used to fund corporate and project-level growth initiatives. As part of the capital raise, ClimeCo also gained access to additional funds for project equity financing.

ClimeCo Partners with YAKOPI and PUR Projet for Mangrove Reforestation Project in Indonesia

ClimeCo announces a partnership with YAKOPI (Yayasan Konservasi Persisir Indonesia) and PUR Projet for the reforestation of vital mangroves in the Aceh and North Sumatra Regions of Indonesia. ClimeCo will fund the reforestation of these mangroves by selling the resulting third-party verified carbon credits and implementing the project through their local partnerships with YAKOPI and PUR Projet.

What Is The Role Of Renewable Electricity In Corporate Sustainability?

As companies enhance their ESG strategy and commit to public-facing initiatives, it becomes crucial to understand how different interventions factor into their corporate carbon accounting. How can carbon offsets be used? Where can companies account for renewable energy? What projects can be undertaken to decarbonize? And ultimately, which of these efforts should be prioritized in an ESG strategy?

Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures

The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed rule amendments that would require a domestic or foreign registrant to include certain climate-related information in its registration statements and periodic reports, such as on Form 10-K, including…