A full suite of services to address the carbon and renewable energy markets.

Expertise to maximize your environmental assets and minimize your costs.

Vertically integrated solutions to reduce your environmental impact.

Scalable greenhouse gas projects to earn real financial returns for your business.

Making a Difference Today for a Better World Tomorrow

ClimeCo is a leader in the management and development of environmental commodities. We combine unrivaled commodity market expertise with engineering and environmental assessment, permitting, and transaction structuring to help clients maximize their environmental assets and minimize their regulatory costs. 

From policy advisory to ESG strategy, offsets sourcing to project development, we provide comprehensive, vertically integrated solutions to help enhance our customers’ sustainability impact—whether they are responding to emissions regulations or satisfying voluntary sustainability goals. 


Expanding Our Sustainability Resources  

Our customers asked and we listened. They are seeking advice on the growing stakeholder interest in ESG, as pressure mounts from their board, shareholders, and consumers to be more sustainable. As expectations intensify, they are also becoming increasingly complex to navigate. Companies often choose to accelerate their sustainability journey with a trusted partner serving as their guide.  

ClimeCo has launched a dedicated sustainability and ESG advisory team. With expertise in sustainability reporting, tracking, risk management, target-setting, and ESG strategy, the team tailors each solution to our clients’ needs. This is a natural expansion of the group’s policy, compliance, and strategy advisory services and contributes to ClimeCo’s mission to make a difference today for a better world tomorrow.

Plastic Credit Program

ClimeCo has launched its Plastic Credit Program to leverage our expertise and capabilities in environmental markets by offering advisory, transactional, and project development services to provide business solutions to address the plastic waste crisis.  Plastic waste projects generate plastic credits to provide supporting companies with a structured, verified solution to help address their plastic footprint and sustainability reporting communications. 

We are partnering with companies worldwide to develop projects that increase the recovery and recycling of ocean plastics.  ClimeCo helps companies with their plastic sustainability goals, including how best to support ocean plastic removal, develop recycling projects, and implement credits as part of an overall corporate plastic waste reduction effort.  Visit our contact page to reach out with specific questions or to request more information.

In 2020, ClimeCo discovered the need to expand its offerings to provide individuals and small businesses the opportunity to calculate and mitigate their carbon footprint. By launching ClimeCoGreen, an easy-to-use e-commerce platform, we’re now able to offer these services. ClimeCoGreen makes it simple to calculate your carbon emissions and purchase offsets to mitigate them. ClimeCoGreen also provides incentives, environmental tips, rebates, and products that allow you to reduce emissions, energy, waste, and water.

We Made The List!

ClimeCo was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of 2020’s America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. ClimeCo was placed on the list due to our exponential growth, especially over the last 3 years. 


ClimeCo operates at the forefront of an exciting transformation as businesses, governments and environmental advocates recognize that environmental markets are the most efficient way to address environmental challenges. Supporting the success of clients engaged in these markets, while encouraging new practices and technologies, is our core mission.

 William FlederbachPresident & CEO

Offset Pricing Monthly Market Digest – April 2021

ARB will hold its next quarterly auction on May 19th, 2021, with results released May 27th. In April there were at least four important news items that likely moved the market higher: The US Department of Justice dropped a

April Blog: A Story About Circular Restoration by Chris Parker

The future of the small town of San Maya depends on the restoration of its fishery ecosystem.  This requires removing plastic waste from its environment, diverting future ocean-bound plastic, and creating a waste management infrastructure.

ClimeCo a Top-Level Sponsor at North American Carbon World (NACW) Virtual Conference

ClimeCo is passionate about making the world a better place. We are a proud sponsor of the 2021 North American Carbon World (NACW) Conference and are ready to help you reach your net-zero goals.  Watch our NACW video by clicking here.

ClimeCo Expands into the Plastic Credit Market with the Hire of Chris Parker

ClimeCo announces its expansion into the plastic credit market with the hire of Chris Parker as Director of our new plastics program.  Parker will be working with partners on projects worldwide to recover and recycle plastic waste.

Heritage and ClimeCo Partner with NCAA & Indiana Sports Corp to Make March Madness Carbon Neutral

Heritage and ClimeCo announced that they are teaming up to contribute offsets to mitigate the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship carbon footprint.

ClimeCo Expands Board of Directors

ClimeCo is pleased to welcome Chad Peterson, President of Heritage Sustainability Investments, LLC, a subsidiary of The Heritage Group, to our Board of Directors.

Heritage Sustainability Investments, LLC Purchases Stake in ClimeCo

ClimeCo is pleased to announce that Heritage Sustainability Investments, LLC, a subsidiary of The Heritage Group (collectively, Heritage), has purchased a minority stake in ClimeCo. 

ClimeCo Expands Sustainability Services with the Hire of Rosemary O'Brien

ClimeCo is pleased to announce the hiring of Rosemary O’Brien to provide clients with additional leadership in emerging federal climate policy. Before joining ClimeCo, O’Brien had a 40-year career with a global nitrogen fertilizer…

ClimeCo Expands Sustainability Services with the Hire of Emily Damon

ClimeCo announces the expansion of its sustainability services, launching a dedicated sustainability and ESG team. The team is joined by Emily Damon, who, prior to joining ClimeCo, led the North American ESG Sustainability…