Investing in Our Shared Planet

What is 4Nature?


The ClimeCo 4Nature Program, a collaboration between ClimeCo and UPROAR, offers qualified companies an opportunity to become partners with us by investing in a handful of carefully selected projects designed to preserve and restore uniquely important habitats, biodiversity and local communities.

In return for funding this critical work, corporate sponsors receive a set of benefits.

Selecting Projects

Working closely with scientists, communities, NGOs, and local governments around the world, we screen a range of potential projects.
We prioritize those which we believe enable both preservation and/or restoration of unique habitats and biodiversity while also benefiting local communities and which can also provide a range of environmental commodities and sponsorship benefits to corporate sponsors in order to secure the required funding.
We then identify the required project development and operations work required over the life of each project, the resources needed to implement, and the economics to ensure a beneficial and sustainable outcome for all parties.

Why Our Projects Are Unique

The 4Nature Model

In order to fund these critical projects, we have developed a unique and forward-looking approach and program we call “4Nature”.
Rather than selling incremental carbon offsets over time, 4Nature will secure sufficient resource commitments upfront to undertake long-term preservation and restoration work in a coordinated way which also enables us to deliver environmental & economic benefits (including carbon offsets) much faster.
4Nature Partners/Sponsors will be positioned as global leaders in innovative, high-profile environmental public-private partnerships that “move the proverbial needle” in important and measurable ways.


They receive all of the associated brand benefits, as well as a range of measurable benefits that help achieve ESG/SEC targets supporting the climate pledges they have made.
4Nature partners will purchase ClimeCo 4Nature Sponsorships each of which consists of the environmental assets and benefits attributable to a restoration and conservation project developed by ClimeCo, UPROAR and our conservation partners.
Each 4Nature Project will produce quantifiable carbon reductions/removals as well as other current or prospective ecosystem and community benefits 

World-Renowned Scientists & Experts

Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology, World Leader in Biodiversity and Modern Extinctions

Former EVP & Chief Science & Exploration Officer National Geographic, Assistant Secretary US Department of Commerce, General Counsel NOAA

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