About Us

ClimeCo was founded January 1, 2009 on the principle of being a leader in North America in the development and trade of scalable greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects. The ClimeCo initial focus was on Nitrous Oxide (N2O) emissions from the formation of nitric acid used in fertilizer and explosives manufacturing.  To support this initiative, we participated in the development of the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Nitric Acid Production Protocol and have since developed 100% of the US N2O abatement projects.
We also manage the only two N2O abatement projects located in Canada. The firm’s current N2O project portfolio creates approximately 4 million tonnes per year of GHG reductions, sellable in both the voluntary (US) and compliance (Canada) markets.  It is from this core service offering that ClimeCo has gained its reputation as a firm that can turn-key complex GHG projects, while assisting clients with maximizing financial returns through our identification of strategic voluntary and compliance offtake relationships.
Pennsylvania State University Annual Teambuilder Image, Fall 2017 (Photo Credit:  Gabrielle Mannino)
Clockwise Back Row: Dr. Scott Subler, Bill Flederbach (President), Dan Linsky, Mike Busser, David Priddy, Tip Stama, Derek Six, Jim Bellmore              Front Row: Gary Yoder, Chelsea Bryant, Bennett Chin, Kendall Bedford, Jennifer Cantono, Zach Palm, Maria Finneran, Jim Winch
As part of our growth model, we also evaluate strategic mergers and acquisitions. In 2015, ClimeCo acquired Environmental Credit Corporation (ECC) as a perfect complement to our business. ECC was a well-branded leader in the development of early markets surrounding the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and was a co-author and leading developer of three project types; ozone depleting substances (ODS), agricultural methane, and composting. All of these protocols were initially housed in the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) registry:  two of them later became compliance protocols under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Assembly Bill – 32 (AB-32) cap-and-trade program.

ClimeCo Corporation is the unsurpassed leader of Climate Action Reserve (CAR)-approved N2O emissions abatement projects deployed throughout the U.S. and around the globe. We are the recipient of the 2011 Climate Action Reserve CARROT award for extraordinary work in climate action. We also were named 2015 CAR Project Developer of the Year. 

In addition to our vast carbon project profile, ClimeCo has made significant investments in other environmental commodity markets, to include criteria air pollutants and water quality credits. We are very active in regional trading markets in U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) non-attainment areas, to include Houston’s MECT and HECT programs and the Los Angeles RECLAIM market, as well as sewer credit programs in cities that face discharge moratoriums. Our turnkey project development expertise in these markets is enhanced by our expert, in-house regulatory support group and access to project financing.
In 2016, ClimeCo began making significant investments in Canada, focusing initially in Alberta, Canada and the Specified Gas Emitters Rule (SGER), as well as in Ontario to support the initiation of their carbon cap & trade program. To support these efforts, ClimeCo launched ClimeCo Canada, ULC in January of 2017 with its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.