About Us

Clockwise from top-left: Jim Winch, Michael Busser, Scott Subler, Zachary Palm, Derek Six, David Priddy, Maria Finneran, Tip Stama, Jim Bellmore, Chelsea Bryant, William Flederbach, Dan Linsky, & Gary Yoder.

ClimeCo Corporation is a developer, broker and advisor of environmental commodity market products and air quality technology systems with specialized expertise in California cap-and-trade, voluntary market advisory and transactional services, and project financing of internal CO2 abatement systems.

Deep-rooted partnerships with trading, investment and technology firms further amplify ClimeCo’s service menu to provide collaborative, full-circle solutions that reduce emissions and fulfill environmental obligations. Our primary sectors include energy, oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, higher education, cement and concrete.

Established in 2009, ClimeCo Corporation’s advisory and energy management service offerings compliment the services of ClimeCo America Corporation, an unsurpassed market leader of Climate Action Reserve (CAR) approved N2O emissions abatement projects deployed throughout the U.S. and around the globe, and recipient of the 2011 Climate Action Reserve CARROT award for extraordinary work in climate action.

ClimeCo Environmental Capital Management

ClimeCo Corporation is also general manager of ClimeCo Environmental Capital Management, a private equity fund that is focused on bringing investment capital to environmental markets. The Fund further enhances ClimeCo Corporation’s wide range of existing environmental commodities business products.SERVICE-CAPITAL-INVESTMENTS

For information on the fund or investment opportunities, contact Derek Six, Senior Vice President of ClimeCo Corporation.