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The “Individual” in the Context of Global Emissions

On January 15, 2018, the Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change and the Minister of Finance released the proposed Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (“Act”), which will enable the Government of Canada to implement the Federal backstop program in provinces and territories that do not have their own equivalent carbon pricing system.

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Land Degradation and Our Future

The disappearance of grasslands, while prevalent in Kenya, is an issue that is present in the United States as well in a different form: conversion to cropland. Although grasslands’ importance is sometimes forgotten, they are homes to some of our most valuable and unique species. Preserving the habitats of species matters, not only for the animals but also for the preservation of many American’s livelihoods and for the environment we all appreciate.

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Beyond the Trees

Forest preservation efforts promise that critters like these will continue to thrive in an environment untainted by human hand. However, it is important to note that because of the vast interconnectedness of ecosystems, the positive effects extend past the well-publicized animals to all levels in the system. While these effects are far-reaching and positive, it is also true that disruptive human actions will create similar ripples that reach far beyond the well-publicized species. Illustrating this point is the tumultuous history of Gray Wolf populations within Yellowstone National Park.

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