Making a difference today for a better world tomorrow.


Making a Difference Today for a Better World Tomorrow

“Making a difference today for a better world tomorrow” is our company tagline. For us as employees, our motto resonates so strongly, we want to make a positive difference today so that when the sun rises tomorrow, the world is a better place. As we support this tagline in our everyday work, do we as a company do this in every aspect of our business? Does this carry down through to our employees’ personal lives? Do we walk the walk 24/7?

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Challenge Accepted!!

A large part of solving this challenge will be the task of decarbonizing our energy systems. This change is already underway, and it’s accelerating. You may have seen recent headlines of large utilities offering their clients energy derived from 100% renewable sources, or making commitments to decarbonize their energy mix by a target date. Many see wind and solar as the most obvious solutions to accomplish this goal, mostly due to their scalability, but while they may be the most obvious solutions, those alone won’t be enough...

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Carbon Consciousness & The Live Music Experience

It wasn’t until my late 20s that I began picking up on what goes into creating these live music events for artists and fans of music around the world. At this point, I was attending 15-25 concerts a year. I started thinking about the amount of fuel burning into the atmosphere while approaching traffic to the venue, the number of tickets printed, scanned and thrown away, the energy and power needed to produce flawless sound and lighting...

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The New Age (Old) Question: What does it mean to be “Carbon Neutral”?

Carbon neutral means 100% net emissions balanced for a defined period of time. Those reductions; however, do not necessarily need to all be accomplished on site. Some, if not all, of these emissions, can be offset by purchasing carbon offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs). Note that use of such credits represents an ongoing obligation.

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Making Connections that Create Environmental Balance

Did you know that agriculture is California’s number one industry, which brings billions of dollars into the state? From grapes grown in Napa Valley to almonds in Sacramento Valley, California farmers feed 13% of the US population. California has almost 80,000 farms that produce more than 400 commodities. They are the leading state in cash farm receipts and a quarter of what they produce is exported around the world.

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