Making a difference today for a better world tomorrow.


How to be Green for St Patrick’s Day & Easter

The next two holidays on our calendar are full of green – green clothes, beers, eggs and grass. As we prepare for these two upcoming holidays, let’s take a minute to think about how we could celebrate them in a greener way. How can we make St Patrick’s Day and Easter sustainable?

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Moving Forward with Net-Zero

In late January 2020, the United States House Energy and Commerce Committee released a discussion document on the Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for our Nation’s (“CLEAN”) Future Act, which has the broad sweeping goal of reaching a “100% clean economy by 2050”. It is one of many attempts from the federal government to align goals for creating an economy that achieves carbon neutrality.

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Catching The Wave

On Wednesday, January 15th, some of the biggest brands in the Northwest launched “The Wave.” This is a new coalition made up of a diverse set of partners who pledge to work together to tackle some of the biggest sustainability challenges in the Northwest region of the U.S. Their goal is to accelerate environmental programs for clean energy and transportation, zero waste, sustainable food, and clean air and water.

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Making a Difference Today for a Better World Tomorrow

“Making a difference today for a better world tomorrow” is our company tagline. For us as employees, our motto resonates so strongly, we want to make a positive difference today so that when the sun rises tomorrow, the world is a better place. As we support this tagline in our everyday work, do we as a company do this in every aspect of our business? Does this carry down through to our employees’ personal lives? Do we walk the walk 24/7?

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Challenge Accepted!!

A large part of solving this challenge will be the task of decarbonizing our energy systems. This change is already underway, and it’s accelerating. You may have seen recent headlines of large utilities offering their clients energy derived from 100% renewable sources, or making commitments to decarbonize their energy mix by a target date. Many see wind and solar as the most obvious solutions to accomplish this goal, mostly due to their scalability, but while they may be the most obvious solutions, those alone won’t be enough...

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