Brad Seely

VP, Nature-Based Solutions

Brad specializes in the development of innovative Nature-based Solution (NBS) projects to help clients meet their GHG emissions goals while protecting and enhancing a wide variety of ecosystem services. He is a recognized leader in ecosystem carbon modeling and has extensive expertise in the latest technologies used in field monitoring and remote sensing. In addition, Brad has extensive experience in the development and application of project methodologies in both the voluntary and compliance markets. 

Before joining ClimeCo, Brad was a co-founder of 3GreenTree Ecosystem Services, a company with a long history of developing successful forest carbon projects. He was also a research associate in the Faculty of Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia. He published more than 50 peer-review papers on forest modeling, ecosystem management, and climate change impacts.

Brad holds a PhD in Biology from Boston University. He enjoys back-country camping with his family, snowboarding, and wing foiling in his free time.