Braeden Larson

Policy Associate

Braeden joined ClimeCo’s Calgary office in 2021 as a Policy Associate on the Sustainability, Policy and Advisory team. Braeden supports the tracking and analysis of carbon policies throughout North America. Before joining ClimeCo, Braeden was a Research Coordinator for The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. During that time, he authored peer-reviewed journal articles on issues spanning from Alberta’s end-of-life oil and gas wells and landowner surface rights to the economic effects of land transfer taxes in Canadian provinces and cities.

Braeden received his Master of Public Policy from the University of Calgary in 2017 and his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Acadia University, where he majored in Politics.

In Braeden’s free time, he enjoys exploring southern Alberta’s foothills and the Rocky Mountains, coaching hockey, and traveling to visit family and friends.