Cheyenne Vance


Cheyenne joined ClimeCo in 2022 as an Analyst on the Sustainability, Policy, and Advisory team. Before joining ClimeCo, she served as an Americorps Fellow with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, researching ESG strategies and aiding in the development of a department-wide greenhouse gas inventory.

Cheyenne’s work primarily focused on reducing building emissions, tracking climate trends, human-centered design, and developing sustainability strategies for local government. She also served as a peer-educator, promoting sustainable living and grassroots initiatives during her time in college. Cheyenne received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Analysis with a concentration in Environmental Analysis from Pomona College.

Cheyenne is passionate about waste reduction and sustainable food systems. She enjoys painting, making plant-based recipes, and upcycling items around the house. As a foodie, she hopes to experience cuisine from around the world throughout her life.