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I Emit No Gas Movement

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Everyone contributes to the world’s carbon emissions and plastic waste. Be part of the solution to a cleaner and greener planet. By taking the easy steps of calculating your carbon emissions and plastic waste footprint, followed by purchasing carbon and plastic credits, you can mitigate a piece of your environmental footprint.

ClimeCo Green is an eCommerce created by ClimeCo to help small businesses, individuals/families, world travelers, and event planners mitigate their carbon and plastic footprints.  ClimeCo Green allows you to figure out your footprint, support projects that inspire you, and helps mitigate your emissions and plastic waste. Then you can truly say…

I emit no gas™

I’ve always had an interest in understanding and caring for the environment. Training and competing in the sport of skeleton requires significant air and vehicle travel, which contribute to global GHG emissions. With offsets, I am able to balance chasing my Olympic dream while reducing my impact on the environment!

Jaclyn LaBerge, Professional Skeleton Racer