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ClimeCo Selected by the Climate Action Reserve as the 2017 Project Developer of the Year

by | Apr 5, 2018

April 5, 2018 (BOYERTOWN, PA) ‐ ClimeCo Corporation (ClimeCo) is pleased to announce its selection as Project Developer of the Year by the Climate Action Reserve, in recognition for the Most Registered Carbon Offset Projects in 2017. The Climate Action Reserve (CAR), North America’s premier carbon offset registry, presented the 2017 Project Developer of the Year Award for the Most Registered Projects, to ClimeCo Corporation during CAR’s Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) annual conference, which is being held in San Francisco, CA, April 4‐6. Award recipients are nominated based upon their demonstration of leadership to advance climate solutions and strengthen carbon markets through the development of successful carbon offset projects that achieve real, quantifiable, verifiable, additional, and permanent emissions reductions.

“ClimeCo is proud to have registered the most projects in 2017. We are passionate about creating corporate strategies that leverage scalable GHG reductions, it is the heart of our company’s mission,” said Bill Flederbach, President & CEO of ClimeCo. “ClimeCo is making a difference today, for a better world tomorrow.”

ClimeCo has worked with the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) for the past years and has registered more than 15 million carbon offsets across 172 reporting periods. Our offset volume stems from reducing greenhouse gas emissions through several project types, to include N2O Abatement, Destruction of Ozone Depleting Substances, Agricultural Methane Capture, and Organic Waste Composting. It is the combination of our clients, our diversification and the dedication of our project team that has allowed us to be the leader in carbon offset project development. “It is critical to ClimeCo that our carbon offsets have the highest level of credibility. CAR has an excellent reputation for developing high quality protocols and for rigorously reviewing project submittals and verifications,” said Derek Six, Senior Vice President of ClimeCo. “We are excited to continue working with CAR and our clients on innovative new projects, protocols and methodologies to further demonstrate the effectiveness of market‐based solutions to environmental challenges.”

ClimeCo Corporation is a respected project developer, advisor and trader of environmental commodity market products. Specialized expertise in regional criteria pollutant trading programs, California cap‐and‐trade, voluntary markets and project development and financing of internal CO2 abatement systems complement ClimeCo’s diverse commodity portfolio. Within the Climate Action Reserve, ClimeCo is the largest developer of U.S. GHG‐offset projects and producer of U.S. voluntary carbon offsets, managing projects that reduce more than four million tonnes of CO2e per year. For information, contact 484‐415‐0501 or