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ClimeCo Green Launches a New Website to Calculate and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

by | Dec 1, 2020

December 1, 2020 (Boyertown, PA) –
 ClimeCo Green, a division of ClimeCo LLC, announces the launch of its new website that provides individuals the opportunity to offset their household carbon footprint easily. With rising greenhouse gas (GHG) levels resulting from human activities, we must all take responsibility for climate change. ClimeCo Green allows individuals to do their part by helping them understand and then reduce their carbon emissions by purchasing carbon offsets, which are generated by projects that either sequester or permanently destroy carbon emissions, preventing them from impacting our climate. 

In 2020, many of us found ourselves working and learning from our homes versus our offices and schools. This change came at a more significant price than we may have initially considered. Instead of being out and about during the day, we found ourselves in our homes using more electricity to power our laptops and computers while running our heating and air conditioning systems for extended periods to feel comfortable and productive. We noticed our electricity, grocery, and gas bills were higher than usual. Yet, we may not have realized that our household carbon footprints were also more significant than they had been. Carbon offsets from ClimeCo Green are a great way to mitigate our carbon footprints and are an essential path for individuals to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral. 

Everyone’s carbon footprint is different, depending on their location, habits, and personal choices. ClimeCo Green offers an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that makes it simple to calculate household carbon emissions and to purchase offsets that mitigate them. Our calculator estimates an individual’s footprint in five key areas: home energy, transportation, food, goods, and services. This calculation provides you with a basic understanding of your unique impact and compares it against others within your area.  It then offers you the option to purchase offsets from one or more of several featured projects. The entire process generally takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

In addition to purchasing offsets, ClimeCo Green also provides the user with incentives, environmental tips, rebates, and products that allow you to improve your everyday life by reducing emissions, waste, and water and energy use. Visit us at to see how we can help you live greener and healthier!

About ClimeCo

ClimeCo is an Inc. 5000 company that is a respected advisor, transaction facilitator, and trader of environmental commodity market products. Specialized expertise in regulated carbon, regional criteria pollutant trading programs, voluntary markets, and project development and financing of GHG abatement and mitigation systems complement ClimeCo’s diverse portfolio. For more information or to discuss how ClimeCo can drive your organization’s value, contact us at 484.415.0501,, or through our website