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Colgate University Selects ClimeCo To Help Reduce Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions

by: Dustin Zimmer | September 27, 2023

BOYERTOWN, Pennsylvania (September 27, 2023) – As part of an ongoing commitment to carbon neutrality, Colgate University has chosen to offset 1,600 tonnes of its carbon footprint with nitrous oxide (N2O) abatement credits supplied by ClimeCo. These credits came from the Ascend Performance Materials Operations, LLC plant in Florida. This project is third-party verified and registered through the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Registry. Students, staff, and faculty representatives decided to purchase these credits after receiving feedback from campus groups and individuals about the most critical carbon offset factors for the university community. Colgate committed to carbon neutrality in 2008 and, in April 2019, became the first institution of higher education in the State of New York to achieve carbon neutrality.

ClimeCo Senior Vice President for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Markets, Linda Kelly, said, “The consultancy leading Colgate University’s selection process for carbon offset projects recognized the need to balance Colgate’s project choices with a high-quality and highly effective industrial emissions mitigation project like the Ascend Performance Materials N2O Abatement Project. We’re proud of ClimeCo’s leadership in this area and Colgate’s recognition of the quality and effectiveness of this project.”

Ascend Performance Materials Operations, LLC Plant in Florida

ClimeCo and Ascend Performance Materials have created the largest voluntary nitrous oxide abatement project in North America. N2O is a greenhouse gas with a global warming potential 265 times higher than carbon dioxide (CO2). Ascend’s GHG avoidance project destroys N2O at the source, permanently preventing the GHG from ever entering the atmosphere. Emission reduction assertions are backed by high-quality N2O concentration and flowrate data that are collected by a continuous emission monitoring system.

To achieve carbon neutrality, Colgate University offset its remaining on-campus carbon emissions by investing in off-campus carbon reduction projects, like those supported by ClimeCo, so that its net carbon footprint is zero. The balance between decarbonizing industry and restoring nature was also considered, as 1,000 tonnes of carbon credits were purchased from a grasslands preservation project in Colorado. 

ClimeCo strongly believes there should be a comprehensive approach to combat climate change. For more information, read our Transparency In Developing Carbon Credits editorial series highlighting the importance of Nature-Based Solutions and Industrial Projects in a harmonized sustainability portfolio.

To purchase or learn more about high-quality industrial credits from the Ascend N2O abatement project, please contact Linda Kelly at


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Colgate University is a private liberal arts college that was founded in 1819. Colgate’s mission is to provide a demanding, expansive, educational experience to a select group of diverse, talented, intellectually sophisticated students who are capable of challenging themselves, their peers, and their teachers in a setting that brings together living and learning. The purpose of the university is to develop wise, thoughtful, critical thinkers and perceptive leaders by challenging young men and women to fulfill their potential through residence in a community that values intellectual rigor and respects the complexity of human understanding.


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