Design, Build, & Execute



Complex environmental projects warrant distinctive and tailored management. ClimeCo’s Project’s team stands by and supports our partners in successfully navigating major construction and engineering projects in the environmental commodity and energy sectors. Our approach is customized to your needs, from full management and deployment to advisory and design solutions; our diverse backdrop of project specialists are skilled in all stages of deployment.

  • Conception
  • Planning and Design
  • Permitting and Compliance
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
  • Commissioning and Turnover

Project Development Solutions

Portfolio Development & Diligence

Design, de-risk, and value your EC portfolio

Project Feasibility & Investment

Find out if you can get ECs for your project idea

Methodology Development

Draft guidelines for new EC project ideas

Innovative Commodity Formation

Evaluate and launch a new commodity

Restoring the Earth Together

As a result of hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, flooding and other natural disasters, many of our forests and wetlands vital ecosystems have been degraded or destroyed. The need to restore and rebuild these ecosystems is essential, especially when it comes to a sound sustainable environmental future that supports biodiversity, habitat and surrounding communities. 

BioCycle Interview with Dr. Scott Subler, Connections: Reality Check On Carbon Trading And Organics Recycling

ClimeCo’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Scott Subler, joins forces with Sally Brown, Senior Adviser of BioCycle, The Organics Recycling Authority, for Part X.2 of an interview, Connections: Reality Check On Carbon Trading And Organics Recycling. In this interview, Scott, a one-time vermicomposter turned carbon market expert, yields insights into credit opportunities for composting and AD facilities.