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EarthUP Launches a Way for Companies to Include Employees in Sustainability Efforts

by | Nov 10, 2021

BOYERTOWN, Pennsylvania (Nov. 10, 2021) – ClimeCo, a leader in environmental market-based solutions and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) advisory, is excited about the launch of EarthUPa new software solution for companies and institutions of every size and across every sector to enhance their ESG efforts. For the first time, companies will be able to engage every employee in their sustainability efforts.

In today’s market, companies feel the pressure to set and achieve strategic goals that will make a difference in their environmental footprintThere is one area that sustainability leaders and teams should not forget to include in their journey towards net-zero – their employees.   

It is strongly advised for companies to include every employee in their ESG efforts,” said Stephen Bay, Co-Founder and CEO of EarthUP. “Companies that find ways to get all employees personally engaged in day-to-day corporate sustainability efforts, from all levels of the organization, will outperform their competitors. 

When it comes to including employees in efforts towards sustainability, many companies expect continuous internal engagement to be expensive and time-consuming. EarthUP’s SaaS software platform makes it easy for companies to offer comprehensive solutions and strategies upfront.Their platform connects employees values to companies corporate sustainability initiatives and vice versa, de-risking companies’ ESG efforts. With the SEC demanding that company’s backup their sustainability commitments with accurate reporting, EarthUP becomes a vital tool for those who strive to reach net-zero 

“We love how EarthUP increases the capacity of our sustainability team. They make it easy for us to provide resources to our employees, track the impact of the actions, and surface insights into how Interface can be more sustainable,” said Lisa Conway, Interface’s VP, Sustainability. (Interface is a current beta test customer of EarthUP.) EarthUP allows us to get employees personally engaged in Interface’s corporate sustainability efforts!” 

As ESG increases in importance, ClimeCo sees a great need for integrating EarthUP’s platform and its solutions. It will allow companies to truly understand their carbon footprint by incorporating their entire workforce, including employees working from home. Companies can offset these emissions and unlock ways to make sustainability personal to every employee in company-wide efforts to meet their ESG commitments. Moreover, by making sustainability unique to their employees, companies embed sustainability principles into the culture of their workforce, giving them a competitive advantage by surfacing insights and accelerating ESG initiatives. 

About EarthUP

EarthUP is a software company that simplifies sustainability for companies. Their SaaS platform makes it easy for companies to increase the capacity of their sustainability efforts by making it personal to their workforce. With EarthUP, companies surface insights from their employees on how to be more sustainable while finding allies for ESG initiatives. EarthUP begins this process with a materiality assessment of each employee, including baselining and reporting employees’ footprints. 

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