Third Eye Blind Honors ClimeCo at Band’s Final Summer Tour Stop

Jaclyn LaBerge, Canadian Skeleton Racer & Olympic Hopeful Mitigates with ClimeCo

Third Eye Blind Mitigates 2019 Summer Tour with ClimeCo

Pearl Jam Mitigates 2018 Tour Carbon Emissions with ClimeCo

Mitigating the Footprint of Entertainment Events

Whether it be music, art, or culture – entertainment events are an effective way of bringing people together to celebrate shared interests and to create memorable experiences. Unfortunately, these large productions often have a negative environmental impact. 

ClimeCo can help mitigate the environmental impact of events. We can help you calculate and offset the carbon footprint of an event or a tour. We take into account emissions produced from travel, fuel, and energy use, other minor factors, and even fan travel, if appropriate.  

ClimeCo has extensive expertise in providing solutions to support our customers in satisfying their sustainability goals. We align our knowledge in the entertainment space with a passion to restore and prevent further negative impacts on our environment. 

You Can Mitigate the Environmental Impact of…




Sporting Events


Performance Arts


Conventions & Meetings

Cultural Events




Carbon Footprint

We can help you understand the carbon footprint of your event and help you set reduction targets by determining the expectations and requirements of your sustainability goals.

Carbon Mitigation

Reduce the emissions that you can, and offset the rest. 

Renewable Energy

Support renewable energy projects to mitigate the use of fossil fuel-produced electricity at venue/s. 


Learn more about how we can help you make your event or tours more sustainable. 

Q & A’s

Q: Why ClimeCo? 
A: We have a team of experts in this space – whether it has to do with advising, calculating, and forming mitigation strategies OR the marketing, advertising, and public relations communications that will be designed and distributed around it. We are a one-stop-shop and our goal is to make this process easy to understand and painless while providing professional assistance from start to finish. 

Q: Who have you worked with before? 
A: We are proud to have worked with some iconic artists in the entertainment industry. We have worked with Pearl Jam to offset the carbon emissions of their 2018 European and US tour. We’ve also worked with Third Eye Blind to offset the carbon emissions of their 2019 Summer Gods Tour with Jimmy Eat World and Ra Ra Riot. In addition to offsetting the tour, we also worked alongside Live Nation to mitigate the audience travel associated with the Summer Gods Tour. 

Q: How do I know if my event qualifies? 
A: If you are involved with an event, no matter the size, there will be a carbon footprint that can be mitigated.  We would love to assist you in achieving your sustainability goals. 

Q: Can fans or attendees get involved in offsetting their personal footprint for attending an event? 
A: Yes, and we can help you to promote these efforts and track their impact. 

Q: How much will it cost? 
A: Probably less than you think. The cost will vary depending on size, # of attendees, sustainability goals, and other variables specific to the event.  

Q: Where do we start? 
A: Whether you have a plan or not, ClimeCo can walk you through the entire process. It’s as simple as contacting us. Let’s talk! 

Footsteps to Follow

Pearl Jam, Stone Gossard, Eddie Vedder
“As a band, it’s important for us to be accountable for the pollution we create. Since 2004, we’ve invested in projects around the world to mitigate the CO2 emissions caused by our tours. This investment is for a verified offset project intended to protect and manage the forests on Afognak, and keep Alaska wild.


Stone Gossard
Pearl Jam’s Lead Guitarist & Carbon Mitigation Manager

“I’ve always had an interest in understanding and caring for the environment. Training and competing in the sport of skeleton requires significant air and vehicle travel, which contribute to global GHG emissions. Working with ClimeCo, I am able to balance chasing my Olympic dream while reducing my impact on the environment!”

Jaclyn LaBerge
Professional Skeleton Racer

Third Eye Blind Stephan Jenkins
“Music and surfing are foundational in my life, and the longer I go, the more it’s not a big step to seek to make our tours ocean-friendly. Simple, skip single-use plastic, carbon offsets, and encourage others along the way.“


Stephan Jenkins
Lead Singer and Guitarist of
Third Eye Blind

Neal Casal Music Foundation Mitigates Manufacturing and Shipping of the Neal Casal Music Foundation’s Tribute Album Collection with ClimeCo

ClimeCo is excited to announce that they will be working with Neal Casal Music Foundation to voluntarily mitigate the carbon emissions of the manufacturing and shipping of the Neal Casal Music Foundation’s Tribute Album Collection – Highway Butterfly: The Songs of Neal Casal. 

Carbon Consciousness and The Live Music Experience by Danielle Pingitore

I started thinking about the amount of fuel burning into the atmosphere while approaching traffic to the venue, the number of tickets printed, scanned and thrown away, the energy and power needed to…

Third Eye Blind Honors ClimeCo at Band’s Final Summer Tour Stop

Throughout their Summer Gods Tour with Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind has worked diligently to offset the outing’s carbon footprint. To compensate for audience travel – the biggest source of carbon emissions from the tour – a portion of each ticket…

Pearl Jam Mitigates 2018 Tour Carbon Emissions with ClimeCo

ClimeCo is pleased to announce that Pearl Jam will voluntarily mitigate an estimated 3,500 tons of carbon dioxide produced by their 2018 European and US tour dates through an Alaska-based forest preservation project.

107.7 The End’s Interview with ClimeCo and Stephan Jenkins

Listen to Seattle’s Alternative Music Station 1077 The End‘s broadcasted interview discussing how ClimeCo worked with Third Eye Blind to voluntarily mitigate the carbon emissions of their 2019 Summer Gods Tour. 

Third Eye Blind Mitigates 2019 Summer Tour with ClimeCo

ClimeCo is excited to announce that they will be working with Third Eye Blind to voluntarily mitigate the carbon emissions of their 2019 Summer Gods Tour.