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Environmental Credits

ClimeCo is a leading global environmental credit project developer. We offer environmental credits from projects we develop as well as projects we invest in and support. Corporations, events and touring sports and entertainment, universities, and many others turn to ClimeCo to provide the environmental credits they need to achieve their regulatory compliance and sustainability goals.


Environmental Credit Solutions

Carbon Credits

Global voluntary and compliance carbon credits

Renewable Energy

We offer Green-e®, RECs, GoOs (GO), I-RECs, and TIGRs

Regional Emission Reduction

We offer ERCs, NOx, VOC, CO, PM, Offsets, and Sewer

Plastic Credits

Solving the worlds plastic waste crisis that offer global social benefits

Learn About Our Nature-Based Removal Projects

Our mission is to solve environmental problems with market-based solutions. Global markets for carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, plastic credits, and more help reduce emissions at the lowest cost.”

 Dan Linsky, Senior VP, Voluntary Markets

ClimeCo Expands Presence in Singapore with the Hire of Anna Stablum

ClimeCo, a global leader in decarbonization and environmental solutions, announces the expansion of its presence in Singapore with the hire of Anna Stablum, Business Development Director. Stablum is a Permanent Resident of Singapore and brings extensive experience in sales and origination of environmental commodities.

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At ClimeCo, we strongly believe there should be a comprehensive approach to combat climate change. We are committed to creating a diverse portfolio of projects that meet your needs and align with your business philosophy.

ClimeCo Impact Report 2021

We understand the importance of setting an example for honest and transparent reporting of our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. That’s the goal of ClimeCo’s 2021 Impact Report, our first external report for environmental, human capital, economic, and governance issues.

ClimeCo Featured in Sustainable Plastics Magazine

The article by our Sr. Manager of Plastics and Recycling, Leticia Socal, and Plastic Program Director, Chris Parker, discusses how companies taking action on plastic sustainability is good for business.

ClimeCo Partners with YAKOPI & PUR Projet for Mangrove Reforestation Project in Indonesia, Bolstering & Ecology and Economy of the Region

ClimeCo announces a partnership with YAKOPI (Yayasan Konservasi Persisir Indonesia) and PUR Projet for the reforestation of vital mangroves in the Aceh and North Sumatra Regions of Indonesia.

Neal Casal Music Foundation Mitigates Manufacturing and Shipping of Album with ClimeCo

ClimeCo is excited to announce that they will be working with Neal Casal Music Foundation to voluntarily mitigate the carbon emissions of the manufacturing and shipping of the Neal Casal Music Foundation’s Tribute Album Collection – Highway Butterfly: The Songs of Neal Casal

NCAA Championship Basketball Carbon Neutral in 2021

ClimeCo is pleased to be a part of the effort to make the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship carbon neutral.  ClimeCo teamed up with Heritage Interactive Services (Heritage) to contribute offsets to mitigate this year’s tournament, held in Indianapolis, IN.

Pearl Jam Mitigates 2018 Tour Carbon Emissions with ClimeCo

ClimeCo is pleased to announce that Pearl Jam will voluntarily mitigate an estimated 3,500 tons of carbon dioxide produced by their 2018 European and US tour dates through an Alaska-based forest preservation project. This Alaska-based offset project is the first of its kind in the region and supports conservation work on Afognak Island which is home to a coastal temperate rainforest with old-growth trees…

Climate Forward Program

What is an FMU?

Climate Forward is a Climate Action Reserve program that provides a practical solution for companies and organizations that seek cost-effective mitigation of anticipated GHG emissions.  The program is designed to incentivize the development of innovative carbon sequestration projects that are often difficult to scale under traditional offset programs because it allows for upfront crediting during the early stages of a project.

ClimeCo Green Launches a New Website to Calculate and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

ClimeCo Green, a division of ClimeCo LLC, announces the launch of its new website that provides individuals the opportunity to offset their household carbon footprint easily. With rising greenhouse gas (GHG) levels resulting from human activities, we must all take responsibility for climate change.

Third Eye Blind Honors ClimeCo at Band’s Final Summer Tour Stop

Throughout their Summer Gods Tour with Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind has worked diligently to offset the outing’s carbon footprint.  To compensate for audience travel – the biggest source of carbon emissions from the tour – a portion of each ticket sold supported a US-based carbon offset project managed by ClimeCo, the American Land Conservancy, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.