Go Beyond Being Green

ESG Advisory

The Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Advisory team is a leading transformation partner to global companies, investors, and governments pursuing a low-carbon and just economy. Our team is experienced across each stage of a sustainability transformation from strategy development, risk management, and impact assessment to voluntary disclosure and regulatory optimization. We provide expert advisory solutions that are tailored to the industry and ESG priorities of our clients.

Sustainability Solutions

Strategy Development

Business models and balance sheets are increasingly exposed to a growing list of ESG issues

Risk Management

Enterprise risk management must expand to prioritize and integrate a variety of ESG issues

Impact Assessment

We support our clients in assessing and monitoring the impacts associated with their ESG priorities

Voluntary Disclosure

We support our clients in reporting and disclosing voluntary frameworks aligned to their ESG priorities

Regulatory Optimization

We support our clients in optimizing their exposure to current and upcoming ESG regulations

ESG issues have become a fiduciary responsibility as economies grapple with multiple and compounding risks such as climate change, social justice, and COVID-19. Our ESG advisory team supports clients looking to navigate these complex risks and harness their strategic opportunities effectively. We advise clients across multiple sectors, from energy and materials to financial services and information technology, with the objective of executing sustainability transformations as part of responsible capital allocation strategies.

 Emily Damon, VP, Sustainability, Policy and Advisory

A Chat About Sustainability

To some, “Sustainability” can be a loaded word due to its multiple definitions and implications in the business world. For myself, it simply implies an opportunity to ensure longevity within our society for our peers, our planet, and our work.

ClimeCo Expands Sustainability Services with the Hire of Emily Damon

ClimeCo announces the expansion of its sustainability services, launching a dedicated sustainability and ESG team. The team is joined by Emily Damon, who, prior to joining ClimeCo, led the North American ESG Sustainability…

ClimeCo Expands Leadership Around Federal Climate Policy

ClimeCo is pleased to announce the hiring of Rosemary O’Brien to provide clients with additional leadership in emerging federal climate policy.  Before joining ClimeCo, O’Brien had a 40-year career with a global nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer, where she directed strategy for various legislative and regulatory issues.