Finding Value in Non-Valued Plastic



TONTOTON is a community-based solution to recover and repurpose non-recyclable, plastic waste in Cambodia and Vietnam. This project works to remove zero-value plastic from the environment and give it a next productive life. TONTOTON’s policy is to avoid waste sent to the landfill, if possible. Therefore, the recovered plastic is co-processed into fuel, replacing coal. The remaining resin material from the waste-to-energy process is used in cement manufacturing and waste management, thus creating a circular process.

This project has significant co-benefits for local workers who are voluntarily removing plastic. Targeting the under-employed female workforce, collectors will receive above-average pay, personal protective equipment, and primary health insurance. To ensure lasting improvements for the community, education is provided to local governments and primary schools to install and ensure sustainable waste management infrastructure in places it does not exist.

TONTOTON is the first company certified worldwide under the Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Standard within the Zero Plastic Ocean registry by Control Union. The plastic credit mechanism allows TONTOTON the ability to expand its operations and, thus, create new income and employment opportunities.


UN Sustainable Development Goals Supported