Innovative Commodity Formation




Not everything fits into an existing box or framework. ClimeCo’s creative and expert team is prepared to help design and bring new ideas to life. Whether altering an existing program to include a new product or wholesale framework and program design, ClimeCo can help you create novel revenue streams for innovative projects.

  • Framework Review and Evaluation
  • New Framework or Commodity Design
  • New Commodity Go-To-Marketing Strategy

Project Development Solutions

Portfolio Development & Diligence

Design, de-risk, and value your EC portfolio

Project Feasibility & Investment

Find out if you can get ECs for your project idea

Design, Build and Execute

Get your EC project up and running

Methodology Development

Draft guidelines for new EC project ideas

A New Approach to Mitigating Future Carbon Emissions

Seldom has a day gone by that we have not heard of a company or organization announcing new climate change commitments. Just in the past few months, we have witnessed companies announcing bold carbon-neutrality goals as they seek to do their part to address the climate crisis.

ClimeCo is Selected as Project Developer of the Year

ClimeCo Corporation (ClimeCo) is pleased to announce its selection as Project Developer of the Year by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR), in recognition for the Most Registered Carbon Offset Projects in 2018.