Kaitlyn Allen

Senior VP, Business Development

Kaitlyn joined ClimeCo after founding Global Affairs Associates (GAA) and serving as president and CEO for nearly a decade. She is a sought-after expert on ESG investing and corporate sustainability communications strategy. Kaitlyn has consulted on sustainability and ESG issues, including strategy, risk, communications, and transparency, for various industries, including oil and gas, drilling, construction, midstream, and manufacturing. As CEO, Kaitlyn grew Global Affairs Associates from an individual consulting practice to a well-respected boutique firm in Houston. As the leader of ClimeCo’s Sales organization, Kaitlyn is dedicated to crafting bespoke sustainability, ESG, and decarbonization solutions for private sector clients. She is also co-founder and co-host of ESG Decoded, the podcast powered by ClimeCo, which shares updates related to business innovation and sustainability in a clear and actionable manner.

Passionate about international relations, Kaitlyn is a Fellow of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations’ Young Leaders Forum, a diplomatic exchange between the U.S. and China. She received the U.S. Critical Language Scholarship award to study Turkish in Turkey in 2011, and speaks fluent Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Kaitlyn is a proud alumna of Georgetown University (M.A. in Conflict Resolution/Government) and Trinity University (B.A. in International Relations).

As a sustainability-focused entrepreneur, Kaitlyn founded MendIt, Inc., a digital marketplace tackling textile waste. She loves spending time with her family outdoors, biking and hiking, and experimenting with baked goods in the kitchen.