Our Leadership

William Flederbach

President and CEO

Yohei Shimasaki

Chief Financial Officer

Derek Six

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Subler

Chief Science Officer

Kaitlyn Allen

VP, Environmental, Social, and Governance

Emily Damon

VP, Sustainability, Policy and Advisory

Amanda Hsieh

VP, Environmental, Social, and Governance

Dan Linsky

VP, Voluntary Markets

Rosemary O’Brien

VP, Climate Policy & Strategy 

David Priddy

VP, Business Development

Erika Schiller

VP, Project Development

James H. Winch, III

VP, Industrial Gases

Gary T. Yoder

VP, Environmental Services

Greg Cesare

Director, Project Management

Andy Kruger

Sr Director, Environmental Markets

Erica Lasdon

Sr Director, Capital Markets

Lauren Mechak

Director, Program Development

Chris Parker

Director, Plastics Program

David Prieto

Director, Climate Finance & Strategy