Our Leadership

William Flederbach

President and CEO

Yohei Shimasaki

Chief Financial Officer

Derek Six

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Subler

Chief Science Officer

Elliott Heide

General Counsel

Kaitlyn Allen

Senior VP, Business Development

Emma Cox

Senior VP, Impact

Emily Damon

Senior VP, Sustainability, Policy and Advisory

Amanda Hsieh

Senior VP, Strategic Development

Linda Kelly

Senior VP, GHG Markets

Dan Linsky

Senior VP, Voluntary Markets

Nancy Fuchs Marshall

Senior VP, Marketing

Erika Schiller

Senior VP, Project Development

Dan Nugent

VP, Industrial Innovations & Government Affairs

Gary T. Yoder

VP, Environmental Services

Rosemary O’Brien

VP, Climate Policy & Strategy 

David Priddy

VP, Plastics Market Leader

Brad Seely

VP, Nature-Based Solutions

Clive Welham

VP, Nature-Based Solutions

Stephen Bay

Director, Digital Solutions & Strategy

Jessica Campbell

Director, Assest Innovations

Greg Cesare

Director, Project Management

Karen Fagan

Director, Accounting

Suzie Kaufman

Director, Finance

Andy Kruger

Sr Director, Environmental Markets

Erica Lasdon

Sr Director, Capital Markets

Michael Malambri

IT Director

Chris Parker

Director, Circular Economy

David Prieto

Sr Director, Climate & Energy Advisory

Anna Stablum

Director, Business Development

Keith Adams

Sr Environmental Manager, Policy and Advisory

Aasim Ali

Project Financial Manager

Kamayani Barshilia

Senior Manager, ESG Advisory

Cristina Braynen

Executive Assistant & Corporate Events Manager 

Kayla Carey

Sr Manager, Industrial Innovations

David Chen

Sr Manager, Nature-Based Solutions

Maria Finneran

Office Manager

Justin Freeark

Project Manager, Desgin/Build Programs

Alex Griffiths

Sales Administration Manager 

Zach Harmer

Sr Manager, Policy

Kathy Hodge

Business Development Manager

Garrett Keraga

Sr Manager, Sustainability, Policy & Advisory

Antoine Kunsch

Manager, Sustainability, Policy & Advisory

Stephanie Lee

Sr Manager, Climate & Energy Advisor

Amanda Mast

Sr Manager, Climate Advisory

Anna O’Brien

Program Manager, Small Business

Danielle Pingitore

Marketing Operations Manager

Andrew Primo

Manager, Program Development

Emily Romano

Project Manager

Preeti Shanker

Manager, Sustainability Strategy & Impact

Leticia Socal

Sr Manager, Circular Economy

Rebecca Stoops

Project Manager

Kutty Stauder

Business Development Manager

Jill Todd

Manager, ESG Communications

Alison Tyndall

Sr Manager, Industrial Innovations

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