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Supporting Corporate Social Responsibility

Protecting Our Natural Environment

Enhancing Environmental Co-Benefits

Monetizing Environmental Attributes

Nature-Based Solutions

Our world’s natural landscape, including its forests, grasslands, and wetlands, contributes much to how we sustain our way of life. These habitats and the living organisms within them contribute to the overall sustainability of our food supply, protect us from natural disasters, provide us with recreational opportunities, and support jobs that help boost our economies. They also contribute significantly to the health of our environment. 

Nature-based solutions (NBS) is the term applied to the sustainable management of our natural resources to address socio-environmental challenges, including water pollution and security, human health, and climate change. ClimeCo has the skills to implement naturebased solutions that deliver both ecosystem benefits and financial value by leveraging environmental markets. 





Project Development

Implementing NBS Projects

ClimeCo’s project development team can assist in identifying and qualifying potential project opportunities, guide the project development and independent verification process, and certify emission reductions with established credit registries. We can also provide project financing options. 

Monetizing NBS Attributes

During the project implementation process, ClimeCo will work to secure long-term, forward-purchase agreements for the commodities to be generated by the project. In many instances, these agreements can be secured prior to the start of the project, therefore ensuring confidence in a successful project.

Why ClimeCo? 

ClimeCo has a lengthy and successful track record of value creation in the voluntary markets. Our expertise in natural and agricultural environments, combined with a solid network of project partners and an extensive customer base, makes us the ideal partner for you!

“Nature-based projects represent simple, proven, cost-effective, and impactful solutions to climate change. They also help to ensure that healthy ecosystems, biodiversity, habitat, and community resiliency are enhanced in a long-term self-sustaining system.”

P.J. Marshall
Restore the Earth Foundation

Purchasing Commodities

Securing NBS Commodities

For those organizations that wish to utilize NBS as part of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs, ClimeCo can assist with identifying and securing environmental attributes from projects that meet their specific goals and vision. Our network of global partners and success in the voluntary markets is unmatched! 

Q & A’s

Q: Who typically purchases NBS credits? 
A:  Any organization that desires to voluntarily mitigate their carbon footprint is a candidate to purchase NBS credits. While we typically see demand from consumer products manufacturers, high-tech companies, higher education institutions, transportation companies, and entertainment and sporting events, our markets continue to expand and grow. The presence of various co-benefits in NBS projects makes them particularly attractive to many voluntary buyers. 

Q: What are some examples of co-benefits? 
A: In addition to carbon sequestration, most NBS projects will provide other co-benefits. While these additional benefits may vary from project to project, it is quite common for such projects to provide improved air and water quality, erosion control, nutrient buffering, and habitat protection. Beyond these environmental benefits, NBS projects can also provide socio-economic benefits, such as enhanced food supply and jobs that support local communities. 

“At IGS, we are actively seeking ways to connect our customers to efforts that make the planet healthier. As a sustainable energy provider, we provide a product to counteract the carbon dioxide a home emits when using natural gas. By purchasing carbon offsets from a forestry project on their behalf, our customers are able to counteract the emissions their home produces, significantly reducing their carbon footprint.”

Lauren Atkins
IGS Energy

Reforestation of America's Amazon

ClimeCo, in partnership with Restore the Earth Foundation, is supporting the reforestation of up to 1,000,000 acres of degraded forest land in the Mississippi River Basin.

Afognak Island Forest Conservation Project

This Alaskan-based project, supported by ClimeCo, protects large tracts of undisturbed, native trees along with many species of wildlife, all while promoting additional reforestation efforts.