Noah Gannon


Noah is an Analyst on ClimeCo’s Sustainability, Policy, & Advisory Team. His experience expands across corporate sustainability and digital consulting services. Before ClimeCo, Noah helped secure and deliver a carbon neutrality commitment for the firm, West Monroe. His sustainability project experience includes; calculating carbon inventories for base and current years, implementing carbon accounting software, procuring carbon offsets, and disclosing to standard setters. In addition to his sustainability work, he worked on business and technology projects for clients in Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

Noah also sits on the Technical Working Group for Electric Vehicle Adoption within the City of Bellingham’s Climate Action office. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration with specializations in Marketing Analytics and Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington.

Noah enjoys playing soccer, rock climbing, biking, and throwing pottery in his spare time. Based in Bellingham, WA, he also cares for his two cats and seasonal vegetable garden.