Noah Godfrey

Senior Associate

Noah is a Senior Associate on ClimeCo’s Sustainability, Policy, and Advisory Team. He is a lifelong advocate for environmental action with a track record in leveraging sustainability principles, circular economy practices, and ESG frameworks to create lasting value for organizations. He is passionate about addressing climate change and fostering sustainable business practices by incorporating robust data analytics, establishing strategic partnerships, and developing transparent communication strategies. 

Before joining ClimeCo, Noah accumulated five years of experience in the environmental sector spanning NGOs, pyrolysis, and joining the founding team of an environmental consultancy specializing in plastic credits. He then helped launch a Sustainability SaaS startup empowering companies to measure, reduce, and communicate their progress in value chain plastic reduction.

Noah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Beyond his professional pursuits, Noah is an avid surfer and fisherman, drawn to the water whenever possible.