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Community Solution for PLASTIC FREE COASTLINE Launch Conference

HOSTED BY: TONTOTON, United Nations Development Programme, Ministry of Environment, and ClimeCo

Date: 17 February 2022 (Cambodia)
Time: 8-10:25am ICT Village Tour, 10:25am-1pm ICT Press Conference
U.S. Viewing Time: 16 February, 2022 from 8pm-1am EST
Venue: Sokha Beach Resort, Street 2 Thnou Sihanouk Ville, Kingdom of Cambodia

Attendees: Ministry of Environment, Provincial Government of Sihanoukville, UNDP, UN Habitat, TONTOTON, ClimeCo, Chipmong Insee, partner NGOs, EuroCham, private businesses, international and national media, and the community.

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TONTOTON is the developer of plastic credit community-based solutions for the removal and next life application of mismanaged post-consumer non-recyclable plastics in the environment. Their plastic neutralizing program offers a sustainable solution to reduce ocean bound plastic, by rescuing plastic before it reaches the sea.

After a successful pilot with their first community and environmental plastic collection center, which started the recovery and cleanup at 3 villages in Sihanoukville, TONTOTON would like to showcase the success and present the plan for Community & Environment Plastic-Free Coastline 2022.

TONTOTON is cooperating with key agencies and institutions to deploy an inter-agency, strategic communication campaign aimed to educate about its operations and worker economic incentive program. The ground activities, visible impacts, and sustained communication campaigns will motivate the communities to aspire for an environment, clean from plastic pollution.

Join us at this event to learn more about TONTOTON’s Plastic-Free Coastlines Master Plan and Plastic-Free Press Day, which is supported by local and international media to bring together government agencies, NGOs, private businesses, and the communities for a sustainable plastic-free Cambodian coastline.

If you are unable to attend the Plastic-Free Coastline 2022 Press Day and would like to learn more about TONTOTON ‘s mission and impact or to set up an individual meeting, please contact Chris Parker, Director, Plastics Program at ClimeCo – Mr. Parker will be available for in-person meetings in Cambodia during February 15–20, 2022.

ClimeCo is a global leader in plastic credit development and advisory that has partnered with TONTOTON to expand its operations and impacts. ClimeCo is working with companies to support Plastic-Free Coastline 2022 in Cambodia.

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Meeting ID: 873 2671 6110