Portfolio Development & Diligence




Environmental project activities are continuously evolving and becoming ever more complicated. Portfolios have diversified exponentially as environmental action and markets mature and fragment. ClimeCo’s projects team brings a wide array of sectoral experience, from industrial to nature-based solutions to environmental commodity projects. Our team provides the expertise to tailor project portfolios and craft diligence strategies specific to the industry and needs of our partners.

  • Portfolio Design and Development
  • Portfolio Risk Review
  • Portfolio Cost and Valuation

Project Development Solutions

Project Feasibility & Investment

Find out if you can get ECs for your project idea

Design, Build and Execute

Get your EC project up and running

Methodology Development

Draft guidelines for new EC project ideas

Innovative Commodity Formation

Evaluate and launch a new commodity

The Need For Trees

When we talk about all the ways to combat greenhouse gasses, one method that is gaining a lot of attention recently is reforestation.  Not only does reforestation help sequester future carbon, but it provides many additional benefits for surrounding communities that make reforestation a win/win type of project.

A Balanced Approach

At ClimeCo, we balance our investments on all types of projects that mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  From sequestering carbon with nature-based solutions (NBS) like grassland preservation, reforestation, and mangrove re-establishment, to destroying it at manufacturing sites before it ever gets emitted into the atmosphere, we strive for a balanced approach to addressing climate change.