Go Beyond The Well-Traveled Path

Project Development

ClimeCo’s projects team leads numerous environmental development and investment efforts with partners that strive to be successful and responsible in today’s markets. Our projects don’t just reduce or avoid environmental emissions and waste – we strategically target sectors at the cutting edge of commodity production. Whether it be creating a project in hard-to-abate or historically underrepresented sectors, utilizing innovative and high-impact solutions, or implementing ambitious nature-based solutions that have benefits far beyond the positive impact on the environment, our goal is the same: to find a sustainable balance with markets and the environment.


Project Development Solutions

Portfolio Development & Diligence

Design, de-risk, and value your EC portfolio

Project Feasibility & Investment

Find out if you can get ECs for your project idea

Design, Build and Execute

Get your EC project up and running

Methodology Development

Draft guidelines for new EC project ideas

Innovative Commodity Formation

Evaluate and launch a new commodity

Project development is at the core of what ClimeCo does. From new program and methodology development to project design, finance, and implementation, we provide market-facing solutions to meet the specific environmental needs of our partners.

 Scott Subler, Ph.D., ClimeCo’s Chief Science Officer


ClimeCo Promotes Dr. Scott Subler To Chief Science Officer

ClimeCo is happy to announce the promotion of Dr. Scott Subler to the position of Chief Science Officer (CSO).  Dr. Subler has made an enduring mark on the carbon offset world over the last 15 years. From overseeing the first US offset delivery from a dairy farm methane capture project to chairing the Offsets Committee for the Chicago Climate Exchange, Subler has been a major influence on many carbon offset methodologies that are used today. 

ClimeCo Enters Partnership with 3GreenTree

ClimeCo, a leader in the development and management of environmental commodities, is pleased to announce the formation of a partnership with 3GreenTree Ecosystem Service Ltd. (3GreenTree). As experts in nature-based solutions, they work with forward-thinking clients to identify, develop, and manage forestland projects.