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Renewable Energy Credits (“REC’s) represent 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity and are the renewable attribute associated with electricity generated by clean, renewable resources.  More commonly observed examples of renewable resources include new, small hydro, wind, and solar, but many other examples exist.  RECs can also be certified by independent third parties, such as Green-e®.

ClimeCo’s “ClimeCo Renewable Energy Credits” product is certified by Green-e® Energy, an independent, third-party certification program administered by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions based in San Francisco, CA. We are assuring our customers that ClimeCo Renewable Energy Credits meet the highest standards in North America for product quality and marketing transparency through this certification. We undergo an annual verification process that includes an audit and a separate annual review that ensures our marketing and advertising accurately represent the environmental benefits and impact our customers can claim.

For a company that wants to use Green-e® certified RECs in their reporting claims, the RECs would need to comply with specific vintaging requirements (e.g., for 2020, the RECs would need to be generated during the second half (BH) of 2019, CY2020, or Q1 2021.  

ClimeCo can help you understand all this and more: From creating projects that generate RECs; to laying out a clean energy plan; to acquiring or selling RECs.

Environmental Credit Solutions

Carbon Credits

Global voluntary and compliance carbon credits

Regional Emission Reduction

We offer ERCs, NOx, VOC, CO, PM, Offsets, and Sewer

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Achieving Corporate Sustainability & Operational Goals With Renewable Energy

Our first blog post highlighted the benefits of using renewable electricity to achieve corporate decarbonization goals. However, companies are also using renewable electricity to achieve operational, financial, and ESG goals beyond decarbonization. 

ClimeCo Renewable Energy Credits Now Green-e® Energy Certified

ClimeCo announced today that their “ClimeCo Renewable Energy Credits” clean energy program is now certified by Green-e® Energy, North America’s leading independent certification program for renewable energy. ClimeCo is a project developer, advisor, wholesaler of environmental commodity products, and one of the largest developers of carbon offset projects in the country.

The Climate Change Quagmire

As individuals, we try to do our part to reduce our environmental impact.  We recycle, we buy electric cars, we support conservation efforts, we buy clean electricity … but have you ever stopped to wonder what corporations are doing to help prevent global warming?

The New Age (Old) Question: What does it mean to be “Carbon Neutral”?

If you are reading this, you may already have some curiosity about carbon neutrality.  Maybe some knowledge, experience. However, you may also have in mind the common question that we at ClimeCo hear from our clients and prospective clients:  What does it mean when a company says they want to become (more) “carbon neutral”?