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The ability to harness natural, renewable resources for energy is amazing. Economies of scale and interest have made such change and adaption more affordable than ever. The cool thing about working at ClimeCo is that we not only get to advise our clients in this space, but we finance and develop renewable projects and assist with related transactions. Our latest efforts are reflected in the opportunity to turn methane from manure, landfill waste, or organic wastes into pipeline quality natural gas, which can be used as fuel for engines, to heat homes, or to generate electricity.

– Andy Kruger, Sr Director of Environmental Markets

Renewable Energy

Policy & Advisory       Transaction Services       Project Development & Finance 

As a natural offshoot of developing and commercializing emission reduction projects, ClimeCo entered renewable energy markets to help our customers reach their sustainability goals. ClimeCo offers advisory, transaction, project financing, and development services and specializes in leveraging environmental markets and commodities to optimize renewable energy projects.

Policy & Advisory

ClimeCo provides both technical and policy & advisory services to entities that wish to voluntarily employ the use of renewable energy or responds to state or provincial Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) mandates. Understanding RPS regulations, renewable energy technologies, and renewable projects can be daunting; this is especially true as customers work to meet their sustainability objectives. Therefore, we tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each client and application.

 Focus Areas

Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance

 By their very nature, RPS programs are a creature of legislation and regulation. State, Provincial, and Federal Governments set mandates that require a certain percentage of the overall regional power that is provided to an end user to come from clean resources. Just what those resources are, and which programs they apply to, varies by each governmental jurisdiction. Some states or provinces have similar requirements and even reciprocity of sorts, while others do not. This truly creates a patchwork of requirements with many pitfalls. ClimeCo assists our customers in understanding these provisions and helps them to achieve compliance by formulating REC trading plans and compliance strategies that meet their needs.

Renewable Power for Voluntary Sustainability Planning

 An ever-increasing number of entities are making the commitment to employ “green” or “clean” power. Such clean power is often seen in RPS mandates (e.g., solar, hydro, or wind to name a few), but others may choose to seek certification to the Green-E standard or even utilize uncertified voluntary RECs. In either instance, we assist our customers by helping them understand renewable technology, certification standards, and clean power. Many also seek our expertise with the development and execution of clean power acquisition plans to cost-effectively achieve their environmentally-beneficial goals.

Transaction Services

Whether you’re a local organization looking to purchase clean power as all or part of your sustainability plan, or a large corporation seeking to source up to 100% of its needed power from renewable resources, ClimeCo is uniquely positioned to source the environmental commodities you need. Drawing from our own projects and from a vast network of project development partners and commodity brokers worldwide, we can supply the appropriate number and type of RECs—based on project type, location or vintage – to satisfy your specific criteria.

Project Development & Finance

At the very core of ClimeCo’s business is our project development expertise. We started with a team of experts and have continued our growth by adding some of the brightest minds in the industry. For customers who want to pursue clean power generation, ClimeCo can assist with project finance, evaluation of energy technologies, design considerations, permit requirements, financial analysis, and a myriad of other considerations. ClimeCo assists our clients in navigating these paths to arrive at a solid, clean energy project.

Focus Areas


The International Energy Agency pegs bioenergy as the “overlooked giant” within the renewable energy industry. Bioenergy offers an opportunity to reduce GHG emissions from organic wastes while generating renewable fuel and power. With both regulated and voluntary demand growing at a significant pace globally, bioenergy is a key focus for ClimeCo as we integrate all our core expertise to bring a unique service offering to our customers.

Within the bioenergy sphere, ClimeCo specializes in the generation and delivery of biogas and RNG, from project planning, permitting, engineering and design to project finance and environmental commodity optimization. Our multi-faceted expertise and approach are unparalleled in the industry. Whatever your project, ClimeCo can help you achieve your vision.