Repurposing Plastic Waste To Build Schools



The Women and Youth empowerment (WaY) project is an initiative from Conceptos Plásticos, a Colombian social enterprise company focused on the circular economy with environmental, social, and economic impact. Currently, this project recovers post-consumer, non-recyclable, ocean bound plastic waste in Cote d’Ivoire. Its operations remove plastic waste that would otherwise remain in the environment and give it a productive next life. The funding from plastic credits allows Conceptos Plásticos to expand its operations and impact. 

The WaY project is partnered with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) to build schools from 100% repurposed plastic bricks. These schools are constructed in areas that lack sufficient educational facilities and capacity.  

Conceptos Plásticos’ The WaY methodology empowers women collectors with increased employment and income, recycling industry labor rights, and environmental practices. The program also provides benefits such as health insurance and child education assistance.

UN Sustainable Development Goals Supported

WaY Project SDGs (Long vertical)