Carbon Offsets

Voluntary Carbon Offsets

ClimeCo delivers high quality, third party verified carbon offsets to companies and organizations that want to take responsibility for reducing or neutralizing their greenhouse gas emissions beyond what they can reduce internally, or in the absence of regulation.

Why choose ClimeCo?

Volume. Greenhouse gas emission reduction projects implemented and managed by ClimeCo reduce over 3 million tonnes of CO2e annually.  You can rest assured that ClimeCo will meet your volume requirements.

Quality. ClimeCo projects and offsets are registered with the Climate Action Reserve, who honored ClimeCo with their CARROT award for extraordinary work in climate action.

  • Additional – ClimeCo emissions abatement projects are constructed voluntarily, by organizations who under no regulatory obligation, chose to reduce their emissions by implementing abatement technologies.
  • Permanent – ClimeCo emissions abatement system technologies successfully destroy harmful greenhouse gases.  There is no risk that these greenhouse gases will ever be released.
  • Verified – Offsets generated by ClimeCo emissions abatement projects are registered with the Climate Action Reserve, where all third party verification reports are available.

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Duke University







Duke’s acceptance of carbon credits from ClimeCo marks the University’s first purchase of offsets from a third party developer.

Developed under the guidelines of the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), a climate action plan prepared by the Duke University Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) outlines a comprehensive strategy to offset Duke’s campus greenhouse gas footprint beginning in 2024.

 “This first agreement is teaching us how these transactions will work,” said Tatjana Vujic, director of the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative.

 Just Energy




The sale of 120,000 Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRT) generated by Rentech Nitrogen to Just Energy, a leading competitive provider of North American green energy, resulted in two-fold benefits.

The sale of vintage 2011 credits enabled Rentech Nitrogen to recover a significant portion of its project construction costs for its N2O emissions abatement system, while Just Energy broadened its base of carbon offset programs for residential and commercial customers.

Just Energy offers green energy solutions through their JustGreen™ and JustClean™ programs that enable customers to offset up to 100% of the emissions associated with their everyday energy use through carbon offsets as well as renewable energy projects.

“Our investment in green energy and carbon offset initiatives such as this enables us to diversify our project portfolio and provide our customers with more choice in the projects they choose to support” says Ken Hartwick, Just Energy’s President and CEO.