Commodity Brokering of Voluntary Offsets

ClimeCo Corporation strives to create value through environmental assets.  ClimeCo’s environmental commodities group relies upon real-time market data and ethical principles to facilitate the total process of CO2e reduction and credit issuance and ultimately the sale of the offsets to the voluntary offset community.

Fertilizer Reduction Offsets for the Voluntary Buyer

A diverse commodity portfolio stands ready to satisfy even the most complex of environmental obligations
  • Contract negotiations with top voluntary buyers
  • Emission reduction sales and commercialization of environmental attributes
  • Connecting buyers with projects that align with their unique criteria
Benefits of purchasing voluntary carbon credits
  • Investment in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support innovative financing structures to fund the construction of large-scale emissions abatement projects
  • Help create more employment opportunities to support the construction and commissioning of emissions abatement projects
  • Support the development of innovative climate-friendly technologies
  • Support the global fight against climate change