GHG Emissions Abatement System Projects

N2O abatement technology provides the highest quality of guaranteed carbon credits available for trade or purchase within the offset market, as it enables an organization to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while using carbon credit revenue to repay project installation costs.

Today, we hold the technology to effectively remove and destroy N2O during its early stages of production through the installation of N2O secondary and tertiary abatement systems projects at manufacturing facilities that produce large amounts of N2O as a by-product of daily nitric acid production. A typical N2O abatement system is anticipated to reduce emissions by ~250,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year, depending upon individual circumstances. ClimeCo’s single largest project to-date removes over 750,000 metric tonnes of CO2e annually.

Philanthropic Carbon Reductions 2Additional benefits
  • Emissions abatement system projects developed by ClimeCo Corporation adhere to the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Nitric Acid Production Protocol, established in part through thought leadership by ClimeCo and other members of the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) protocol working group
  • Real-time data generated by each N2O abatement system is electronically transmitted to ClimeCo, where it is analyzed and processed through its proprietary Nitric Acid Production N2O Offset Software, available only through ClimeCo.  This data will be used to develop emission reduction reports that are consistent with protocol requirements, and in-line with factors and objectives unique to each organization

ClimeCo remains involved with each of its organization’s long-term compliance reporting needs throughout the life of the offset as it manages annual verification audits, reporting requirements, carbon credit issuance, auction trade and retirement of credits.