Stephen Bay

Director, Digital Solutions & Strategy

Stephen is ClimeCo’s Director of Digital Solutions and Strategy on the Research and Innovation Team. He supports the team in identifying global environmental problems that can be solved with technology and market-based solutions.

Stephen is a seasoned leader who has spent over 12 years driving corporate decarbonization. As a two-time founder, he has worked closely with sustainability teams to identify and solve challenges, providing customized solutions. His venture, Eco Consulting, achieved consecutive Puget Sound Energy’s Energy Efficiency Leader Awards for curbing Scope 1 and 2 emissions. With his latest endeavor, EarthUP, Stephen leverages real-time data and employee feedback to uncover opportunities for greater efficiency, ultimately empowering sustainability teams with clear ROI for their decarbonization initiatives.

In his free time, Stephen likes to travel and experience nature with his wife and two daughters, whether catching crabs in Puget Sound or foraging oyster mushrooms in their local forest. He also enjoys learning about new systems and technologies that can create a better future for his kids.