Steve Mawer

Chairman of the Board 

Steve Mawer is pleased to have participated in the carbon and environmental attributes markets and renewable fuels for two decades. For much of that time, he led Koch Industries’ commodities trading business, where he helped build trading of renewable fuels and environmental attributes. More recently, Steve has served as CEO of Calumet Specialty Products (NASDAQ: CLMT). There he experienced one of his most rewarding efforts, piloting a Calumet team that successfully launched Montana Renewables, a leading independent producer of renewable fuels and the largest producer of sustainable aviation fuel in North America.

Today, Steve continues to serve as Chairman of the Board for Calumet. He also sits on the boards of two midstream companies heavily focused on decarbonization and energy transition opportunities – Zenith and Howard Energy. Zenith Energy operates liquid fuel terminals with strong renewable offerings. Howard Energy has helped significantly reduce Mexico’s reliance on coal and oil by creating an import and distribution infrastructure of natural gas. Howard Energy also provides infrastructure services to several renewable fuel producers and carbon capture projects in the United States.

Steve earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge, England.