Equinox Maritime Utilizes Marsoft’s GreenScreen in its Ongoing CO2 Reduction Investments

Equinox Maritime Utilizes Marsoft’s GreenScreen in its Ongoing CO2 Reduction Investments

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Equinox Maritime Utilizes Marsoft’s GreenScreen in its Ongoing CO2 Reduction Investments

BOYERTOWN, Pennsylvania (July 25, 2023) – In a new collaboration, Equinox Maritime and Marsoft will quantify and certify the CO2 savings from retrofit initiatives made by Equinox in the company’s continuing efforts to minimize its CO2 footprint.

GreenScreen makes a strong business case for installing best practice energy-saving devices. The program helps secure an audited and documented statement of reduced CO2 emissions that delivers incremental revenue and return on investment. The first GreenScreen project has been listed on the Gold Standard website and the first carbon credit issuances will be made before the end of 2023. 
“Equinox has long been committed to decarbonization,” says the Director of Equinox Maritime. “At Equinox we are continuously focused on the performance improvement of our fleet and meeting the environmental expectations of our clients. We are therefore extremely excited about this new step forward.  We have already jointly reviewed GreenScreen’s confirmation of the carbon savings made from four of our ships and are looking forward to working with Marsoft and ClimeCo to originate the credits, and to our industry’s continued efforts to reduce its CO2 footprint.” 
Four of Equinox’s vessels have been screened to confirm the significant fuel-saving benefits from the retrofits installed. Equinox’s technical manager commented, “The project was for four of our Supramaxes – and the GreenScreen analysis verified that the savings from the Schneekluth ducts and spoilers were performing as expected, even a little better. We are very proud of our technical team and yard partners and this important commitment to the environment.”
Dr. Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft, added, “Despite the many environmental and financial advantages of installing energy-saving devices, the investment can still be difficult for owners to finance. We help owners overcome that financing barrier by addressing some of the risks around the retrofit decision, and by making the business case more attractive. The industry is beginning to see the real value of the carbon markets to accelerate the pace of decarbonization today,” 
Marsoft’s GreenScreen program complements Equinox’s longstanding environmental commitment by accurately assessing the emission reductions from the retrofits – a requirement to enroll the ships in a Gold Standard program. Marsoft’s collaboration with ClimeCo, a leader in the carbon markets, secures premium pricing for Equinox’s carbon credits in the voluntary carbon markets.


About Marsoft

Established in 1984, Marsoft provides expert, objective, and timely support for investment, chartering, and financing decisions.  Marsoft’s quantitative models and expert judgment have improved the quality of decision-making for almost four decades.  Marsoft decision support systems integrate data and analysis to enrich our client’s decision-making process, including the integration of climate-focused initiatives such as the Poseidon Principles.

The analytical platform underpinning Marsoft’s GreenScreen services was developed in collaboration with the MIT SeaGrant Design Laboratory.
Marsoft is committed to working with the shipping industry to minimize CO2 emissions and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals while meeting all stakeholder requirements.  Marsoft is a founding member of the  Blue Sky Maritime Coalition, whose mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of North American waterborne trade. 

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About ClimeCo

ClimeCo is a global company focused on offering a full range of sustainability advisory with a balance of industrial and nature-based carbon solutions that meet the diverse needs of clients’ climate programs. We also provide specialized technical solutions for hard-to-decarbonize industries. From developing methodologies to support GHG reduction innovation to advising on solutions for optimal sustainability impact to reach Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, ClimeCo is the right partner to help address environmental challenges.

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