ClimeCo Strengthens ESG Portfolio With Acquisition of Global Affairs Associates

ClimeCo Strengthens ESG Portfolio With Acquisition of Global Affairs Associates

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ClimeCo Strengthens ESG Portfolio With Acquisition of Global Affairs Associates

BOYERTOWN, Pennsylvania (Nov. 4, 2021) – ClimeCo is pleased to announce the acquisition of Global Affairs Associates (GAA), LLC, an Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) and sustainability consulting firm based in Houston, Texas.

“Acquiring GAA allows us to expand deeper into the energy and capital markets,” said William Flederbach, President and CEO of ClimeCo. “Combining ClimeCo’s leadership in sustainability, corporate climate strategy, and climate policy with GAA’s expertise in ESG strategy, public reporting and disclosure, and Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), allows ClimeCo to support our clients from the onset of their early sustainability efforts to setting and achieving net-zero and other ESG targets.”

The acquisition will strengthen ClimeCo’s existing ESG capabilities and add essential staff to its Sustainability, Policy & Advisory Team, which has seen significant demand due to ever-increasing pressure and expected regulatory requirements for sustainability reporting and performance.

“As a leading ESG consulting firm, GAA is excited to combine our talented team with the experienced professionals at ClimeCo and their extensive portfolio of offerings,” said Kaitlyn Allen, Founder, President and CEO of GAA. “It’s a truly complementary partnership that enhances the products and services of both entities.”

Increasing demand from investors, stockholders, and customers has led 60% of Fortune 500 companies to set goals to reduce their contributions to climate change by 2030 and 2050, respectively, and approximately 90% of S&P 500 companies to report on sustainability. Global ESG-qualified assets under management (AUM) are projected to exceed $53 trillion by 2025, with nearly 20% of global market capitalization committed to the Science-Based Target Initiative.

“ClimeCo helps our clients become sustainability leaders and winners in the low-carbon economy,” said Emily Damon, VP, Sustainability, Policy & Advisory at ClimeCo. “This year, many of our clients recognized the need to accelerate their ESG efforts. Having the GAA team join forces with ClimeCo enables just that.” 

The integration of these two companies positions ClimeCo to effectively support diverse business sectors in navigating the risks and opportunities associated with the climate change and global energy transition.

“The transition to a low-carbon economy is complex and multifaceted,” said Amanda Hsieh, Chief Operations Officer at GAA. “Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that address the unique nuances and needs of our clients helps us to accelerate their progress.”

As key players in the ESG arena attend COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, it’s clear that policy efforts are increasing. Carbon pricing now covers one-fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions, and mandates for climate-related financial disclosures are being announced. ClimeCo’s goal is to make a difference today for a better world tomorrow. Our ESG Advisory team is ready to support our clients’ journeys toward net-zero.

About ClimeCo

ClimeCo is a respected advisor, transaction facilitator, trader, and developer of environmental commodity market products and related services. We specialize in voluntary carbon, regulated carbon, renewable energy credits, plastics credits, and regional criteria pollutant trading programs.  Complementing these programs is a team of professionals skilled in providing sustainability program management services, and in the development and financing of GHG abatement and mitigation systems.

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About Global Affairs Associates

Global Affairs Associates, LLC is a boutique, women-owned ESG and sustainability consulting firm. GAA’s corporate practice helps public and private companies understand, manage, and communicate their ESG profile, advantages, risks and opportunities. GAA’s capital-markets practice helps investors and financial institutions understand and set business-appropriate ESG policies, and integrate ESG into investment strategy.