Third Eye Blind Honors ClimeCo at Band’s Final Summer Tour Stop

Third Eye Blind Honors ClimeCo at Band’s Final Summer Tour Stop

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Third Eye Blind Honors ClimeCo at Band’s Final Summer Tour Stop

Throughout their Summer Gods Tour with Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind has worked diligently to offset the outing’s carbon footprint.  To compensate for audience travel – the biggest source of carbon emissions from the tour – a portion of each ticket sold supported a US-based carbon offset project managed by ClimeCo, the American Land Conservancy, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  ClimeCo provides comprehensive solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of the general public. 

To honor ClimeCo’s fervent environmental service, Third Eye Blind presented them with a tree onstage at the band’s final tour stop in Irvine, California.  The tree will be planted at FivePoint Amphitheatre as a continued reminder of their support.

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Pictured: Dan Linsky (Vice President of Voluntary Markets of ClimeCo), Bill Flederbach (President & CEO of ClimeCo), and Stephan Jenkins (Lead Singer & Guitarist of Third Eye Blind) at Third Eye Blind’s last show of their 2019 Summer Gods Tour which took place at the FivePoint Amphitheater in Irvine, California.

Photo Credit: Stephen Albanese

ClimeCo Corporation is a respected project developer, advisor and trader of environmental commodity market products. Specialized expertise in regional criteria pollutant trading programs, California cap‐and‐trade, voluntary markets and project development and financing of internal CO2 abatement systems complement ClimeCo’s diverse commodity portfolio. Within the Climate Action Reserve, ClimeCo is the largest developer of U.S. GHG‐offset projects and producer of U.S. voluntary carbon offsets, managing projects that reduce more than four million tonnes of CO2e per year. For info, contact 484‐415-0501, or