ClimeCo Makes Strategic Investment in EarthUP, Inc., an Innovative Sustainability Solutions Company

ClimeCo Makes Strategic Investment in EarthUP, Inc., an Innovative Sustainability Solutions Company

Nancy Marshall, Corporate Marketing Director
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ClimeCo Makes Strategic Investment in EarthUP, Inc., an Innovative Sustainability Solutions Company

Boyertown, PA, November 4, 2020
– ClimeCo is pleased to announce that it has purchased a minority stake in EarthUP, Inc. (, a recent start-up focused on providing web-based sustainability solutions for employers and their employees. EarthUP provides effective environmental tips, rebates, and products to individuals, and a platform for their employers to encourage them in these efforts.  This platform gives employers the ability to measure and report emissions related to their employees, bridging a key information gap in their companies’ understanding of their full environmental impact.  ClimeCo ( will provide environmental solutions to EarthUP and is excited to support such an innovative concept. 

“In light of the shift of many employees to telecommuting over the past seven months, understanding employee greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts have never been more significant for employers,” says Derek Six, ClimeCo’s Chief Business Officer.  “This shift enabled us to see that the employee-employer relationship doesn’t necessarily end at the exit door of the business.  The same ideas that help employees reduce their environmental impact also contribute to cost savings and improved health, productivity, and employee retention. EarthUP’s proposal to create a partnership between businesses and their employees is a revelation.” 

ClimeCo has many clients who are doing their best to address their corporate environmental impacts, and this exciting new tool will help them to engage with their employees.  For individuals, EarthUP provides tips to reduce emissions, traffic, energy, waste, and water, and offers incentives they can use to improve their living environments at home.  The unique part about EarthUP’s platform is it allows employees and employers to work together to quantify and address environmental impacts.

“At EarthUP, we believe that by solving sustainability problems, we solve business problems”, says Stephen Bay, EarthUp’s CEO.  “We are confident this truth is magnified when companies involve their employees, and we are looking for corporate partners to be leaders in proving this.” 

EarthUP is currently conducting its pilot phase and expects to launch its public version in January.  The web-based offering is expected to be a “freemium” product, with firms gaining access by subscription to enhanced reporting capabilities.  EarthUP is currently allowing organizations to sign up via our website ( to join the waiting list.  Organizations that sign up before the launch date will get first access to the platform and will receive an enhanced dashboard at no additional cost.

With this investment, ClimeCo joins several other key investors, including Techquity (, a founding investor that brings technology strategy expertise to the venture.  Techquity’s expertise was a significant factor in ClimeCo’s decision to make this investment in EarthUP.

About ClimeCo

ClimeCo is an Inc. 5000 company that is a respected advisor, transaction facilitator, and trader of environmental commodity market products. Specialized expertise in regulated carbon, regional criteria pollutant trading programs, voluntary markets, and project development and financing of GHG abatement and mitigation systems complement ClimeCo’s diverse portfolio. For more information or to discuss how ClimeCo can drive your organization’s value, contact us at 484.415.0501,, or through our website

About EarthUP

EarthUP’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy by encouraging organizations to involve their employees, members, and customers in their sustainability mission.  Their platform is a portal that makes it easy for employers to connect with their employees and identify ways to improve the physical spaces of their home offices and living spaces, resulting in increased productivity and fewer sick-days while saving money.  For more information, contact them at 425.442.6140,, or through their website,

About Techquity

Techquity is a long-term investment and technology partner that brings technology strategy, expertise, and execution to companies that seek to grow while changing the world.  Customized solutions containing a combination of advisory and operating roles, software development, and talent acquisition help produce technology equity for clients.  For more information, visit them at