ClimeCo’s Mission: To create environmental asset revenue streams through customized strategies to develop and support the continued growth of clean air technologies.


Keith Adams, PE

Sr Environmental Manager, Policy and Advisory 

Kaitlyn Allen

VP, Environmental, Social, and Governance

Jessica Campbell

Senior Manager, Project Development & Strategy

Kayla Carey

Manager, Program Development

Greg Cesare

Director, Project Management

David Chen

Manager, Program Development

Erik Cramer

Business Development Manager

Emily Damon

VP, Sustainability, Policy and Advisory

Maria Finneran

Office Manager

William Flederbach

President and CEO

Justin Freeark

Project Manager, Design/Build Programs

Alexandra Griffiths

Sales Administrator

Terrence C. Grube

General Counsel

Zach Harmer

Strategic Policy and Markets Manager

Stephanie Hefelfinger

Project Associate

Amanda Hsieh

VP, Environmental, Social, and Governance

Garrett Keraga

Manager, Sustainability, Policy & Advisory

Andy Kruger

Sr Director, Environmental Markets

Braeden Larson

Policy Analyst

Erica Lasdon

Senior Director, Capital Markets

Abeeda Latif

HR and Operations Associate

Dan Linsky

VP, Voluntary Markets

Michael Malambri

IT Administrator

Lauren Mechak

Director, Program Development

Rosemary O’Brien

VP, Climate Policy & Strategy 

Chris Parker

Director, Plastics Program

Danielle Pingitore

Marketing Strategist

David Priddy

VP, Business Development

David Prieto

Director, Climate Finance & Strategy

Tori Rocha

Marketing Assistant

Emily Romano

Project Manager

Yohei Shimasaki

Chief Financial Officer

Jordan Shustack

Senior Project Associate, Industrial Gases

Derek Six

Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca Stoops

Project Manager

Scott Subler

Chief Science Officer

James H. Winch, III

VP, Industrial Gases

Gary T. Yoder

VP, Environmental Services