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I have never before worked for an organization quite like ClimeCo. With the help of our customers, we make an incredibly positive impact on the environment. The integrity, experience, and wisdom of our executive team has influenced me personally and guided the company’s growth in the voluntary carbon market.

– Dan Linsky, VP, Voluntary Markets

Voluntary Carbon Market

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ClimeCo started out in the voluntary carbon market, developing and commercializing projects to generate high-quality carbon offsets. 

Beginning with the first of six N2O abatement projects in 2010 and continuing with the acquisition of several composting projects, ClimeCo today reduces millions of tonnes of CO2e emissions annually. We actively invest in a variety of other voluntary projects and maintain a diverse portfolio of offsets to meet our customers’ volume, project, and geographical diversification needs. A dedicated team and numerous global partners make ClimeCo a one-stop source for voluntary carbon offsets and renewable energy commodities.

Policy & Advisory 

ClimeCo provides both technical and market policy & advisory services to entities that wish to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) to meet their established sustainability objectives or to achieve unique competitive advantages. We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each client and application.

Focus Areas

Green Developments

With the ongoing push for carbon-neutral communities, many land developers are seeking innovative ways to minimize or eliminate the carbon footprints of their development projects. One rapidly emerging approach is for developers to partner with farmers to reduce agricultural emissions and create carbon offsets. The offsets can be used to reduce the environmental footprint of new projects.

ClimeCo supports developers with environmentally friendly projects, including work through incentive programs such as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) GHG Mitigation Registry.

Supply-Chain Sustainability

Often, as organizations reduce their carbon emissions, they seek to influence their supply chain to follow suit.

With help from ClimeCo, organizations can demonstrate their environmental commitment to suppliers and further contribute to the overall success of their sustainability programs. For example, entities with an agriculturally focused supply chain can benefit from ClimeCo’s expertise in:

  • Agricultural methane capture systems
  • N2O abatement projects from fertilizer production
  • Grassland management
  • Nutrient cycling

Environmental Mitigation

As an important part of permitting, litigation, corporate disaster response activities and voluntary corporate sustainability initiatives, environmental mitigation has become a socially and economically viable solution for many organizations.

ClimeCo has extensive experience assisting corporate clients and attorneys in navigating the wide array of mitigation options available. Some clients require complete confidentiality and discretion whereas others may wish to promote their mitigation activities. If public relations strategy is important to your company, we can assist with branding and messaging around mitigation efforts and in selecting projects, activities and credits that best meet your business and communications needs.

Transaction Services

Whether yours is a local organization looking to offset employee travel or a large corporation seeking to offset its GHG footprint, ClimeCo is uniquely positioned to source the environmental commodities you need. Drawing from our own projects and from a vast network of project development partners and commodity brokers worldwide, we can supply the appropriate number and type of carbon offsets and RECs—based on project type, location or vintage—to satisfy your specific criteria.

“At TripZero, when a customer books a hotel with us, we offset the carbon footprint created by their trip—at no charge. We count on ClimeCo to provide high-quality carbon offsets that meet our stringent standards.”

Eric Zimmerman
Founder & CEO

Project Development

At the heart of ClimeCo’s operations is an expert project development team, focused first and foremost on GHG reduction programs.

ClimeCo is the largest producer of voluntary carbon credits in the Climate Action Reserve (CAR), the leading offset registry in the United States. As a recognized carbon project leader, ClimeCo has received CAR’s prestigious Project Developer of the Year award multiple times.

ClimeCo uniquely combines engineering, regulatory and project management knowledge with financial and market savviness to develop offset projects that produce real emission reductions while generating positive financial returns for our project partners. We remain involved throughout the life of the project by managing annual verification audits, reporting requirements, carbon credit issuances, sales and the retirement of credits.

Focus Areas

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Abatement

ClimeCo operates 100% of the N2O voluntary abatement systems in the United States.

N2O abatement technology provides the highest quality and quantity of guaranteed carbon credits available in the offset market. It also enables an organization to voluntarily reduce GHG emissions while using revenue from the sale of offsets to repay project installation costs and generate a positive return on investment.

Typically, N2O abatement systems are installed in nitric acid plants where the chemical is used downstream to create ammonia nitrate for production of fertilizers or explosives. As the market leader and expert in N2O applications, ClimeCo helps clients understand the technology and designs the system either within the ammonia oxidation reactor (secondary abatement) or beyond the absorption column (tertiary abatement)—whichever best serves the facility’s needs.

A typical N2O abatement system reduces emissions by approximately 250,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year. ClimeCo’s largest project to date removes over 750,000 metric tonnes of CO2e annually.



El Dorado Nitrogen, LP, Baytown, Texas

ClimeCo developed an N2O secondary abatement system for a nitric acid process facility using the CAR Nitric Acid Production Protocol V1. This voluntary project not only generates tradeable carbon offsets, which have significant monetary value, but also improves local air quality and contributes to the reduction of GHGs. More than 6.9 million carbon offset credits have been generated since the project’s implementation.


ClimeCo partners with large-scale composting facilities, organic waste recycling companies and municipalities to monitor, quantify and register GHG emission reductions generated by the diversion of organic waste from landfills. Diverting this waste reduces a landfill’s methane emissions, which result from the decomposition of organic products.

ClimeCo has been intimately involved with the development of carbon credit quantification methodologies for several carbon offset programs (many with CAR). Our current projects involve some of the largest food waste composting facilities on the West Coast.