Voluntary Disclosure

Stakeholder pressure from investors, customers, and employees has driven the demand for information about the management of ESG issues. From ratings and rankings to reports and principles, we support our clients in reporting and disclosing voluntary frameworks aligned to their ESG priorities. Our team has conducted disclosure strategies, rating optimizations, and annual reports for dominant voluntary frameworks, including CDP, GRI, SASB, and TCFD.

  • ESG Integration & Disclosure Strategies
  • ESG Ratings & Rankings Optimization (CDP, MSCI, Sustainalytics, DJSI, ISS, EcoVadis)
  • Industry Coalitions & Public-Private Partnerships
  • Investor Relations & Perception Review
  • Tailored Storytelling, Marketing & Events
  • Software & Technology Solutions
  • Sustainable Finance Principles, Frameworks & Taxonomies (UNPRI, ICMA, IFC, IMP, EU SFDR)
  • Sustainability Reporting  (TCFD, GRI, SASB, Integrated Reporting, WEF IBC)

Sustainability Solutions

Strategy Development

Business models and balance sheets are increasingly exposed to a growing list of ESG issues

Risk Management

Enterprise risk management must expand to prioritize and integrate a variety of ESG issues

Impact Assessment

We support our clients in assessing and monitoring the impacts associated with their ESG priorities

Regulatory Optimization

We support our clients in optimizing their exposure to current and upcoming ESG regulations

The New Age (Old) Question: What does it mean to be “Carbon Neutral”?

If you are reading this, you may already have some curiosity about carbon neutrality.  Maybe some knowledge, experience. However, you may also have in mind the common question that we at ClimeCo hear from our clients and prospective clients:  What does it mean when a company says they want to become (more) “carbon neutral”?

A Balanced Approach

At ClimeCo, we balance our investments on all types of projects that mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  From sequestering carbon with nature-based solutions (NBS) like grassland preservation, reforestation, and mangrove re-establishment, to destroying it at manufacturing sites before it ever gets emitted into the atmosphere, we strive for a balanced approach to addressing climate change.