James H. Winch III

VP, Industrial Gases

Jim brought more than 30 years of engineering, operations, and project management experience when he joined ClimeCo in 2009. Jim was instrumental in designing and developing ClimeCo’s proprietary CAR N2O Offset software and is currently responsible for project management, project evaluation, regulatory matters, and performance monitoring for all ClimeCo’s N2O projects. He continues to expand this resource to identify opportunities to innovate and to assure the delivery of high-quality products and services to regulated and nonregulated market participants.

Previously employed by AgCert, Jim was the operational architect behind developing and implementing the EnviroCertTM Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) information management system. 

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from California Coast University. He spends his spare time with his family, actively engaged with his grandchildren’s sports schedules, and supporting his daughter’s soccer coaching.