Zak Cooper

Business Development Representative

Zak is a Business Development Representative with four years of experience in business development, sales, and marketing. He supports ClimeCo’s internal teams through the execution of focused, outbound sales campaigns. Zak specializes in building strategic relationships and optimizing business workflows. Before joining ClimeCo, he contributed to process improvements and outreach strategies at two SaaS startups while managing a diverse client portfolio.

In 2022, Zak embarked on a transformative cross-country sabbatical with his partner, having traveled in a self-converted van. During this time, he explored creative pursuits like landscape photography, sustainability, and personal development, which prompted him to align his business background with his passion for nature and conservation.

Zak is an avid learner who enjoys challenges. You can find him practicing Spanish, doing CrossFit, capturing landscapes through photography, participating in community activities, or spending quality time with loved ones through outdoor activities like biking, hiking, playing sports, and traveling.